Luces Rasmussen

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Luces Rasmussen Ph. D is a consultant gynecologist that is based in New York City. Besides consulting at various hospitals around New York and elsewhere, Luces also runs his practice.

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Luces is also into philanthropy and mainly uses his skills to help young girls overcome pediatric, gynecological issues. In the 4 years that his foundation has been in existence, it has given hope to hundreds of girls, many of whom now want to pursue medicine to advance the good works of Dr. Luces.  These are people born in the inner cities, where giving hope and empowering one child could mean improving the lives of an entire family. While his work in medicine, research, and philanthropy takes up a huge portion of his time, Luces never misses an opportunity to spend time on himself. He loves golfing and, over the years has joined many golf clubs, not just in New York, but across the country. He hopes to one day take part in competitive golf, not so much for the money but for its fun.

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