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Luces Rasmussen

Luces Rasmussen is a gynecologist who runs his operations in New York City.  He holds a Ph.D. in obstetrics and gynecology. This is an area of study that has given him expertise on infertility issues, and reproductive endocrinology. Luces also uses his advanced knowledge for research purposes and has taken part in many studies that have a massive impact on women’s lives globally. Some of the areas where his research has had the most impact is on genitourinary infections, where breakthrough and affordable solutions have come up. Luces’ successful career was molded in childhood. As a child, he saw one of his closest aunts struggle with infertility due to a lack of funds to access advanced fertility care. This hit him hard, and he made a decision to pursue medicine and change the lives of many women who were going through similar issues that his aunt was going through.  He worked hard and excelled in his academics in high school before pursuing a degree in medicine, and later narrowing down on gynecology up to Ph. D level.


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